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Restoration and Framing

We offer a full restoration service for oil paintings and antique frames.


We have some of the finest restorers in the country able to undertake selected works. We have over twenty years experience working on everything from sixteenth century panels and old masters through to modern British paintings. Due to the complexity and different approaches needed for each individual piece, we would recommend you contact us with details of the piece including artist, size, subject and condition. From there we will require some images of the painting or frame. From here, we can give an approximate idea as to cost. This will fall between two parameters and act as a guide; this will not be a quotation as this can not be achieved until the image has been assessed personally by the restorer. We will not differentiate between a trade inquiry or a private inquiry. The time involved and skill will be the same.

Antique Frames

Antique frame restoration and conservation treatments range from stabilising the joinery to reducing or enlarging a frame to match a painting's size. Our team of experienced craftsmen and women also treat flaking gesso and gesso losses, and replace missing surface decoration with either hand-carved gilt-wood or newly cast composition ornaments identical to the originals. Once this initial work is completed we take great care to ensure that the colour and karat of the newly applied gold leaf is harmonious with the original gilding, before duplicating the antique patina. We always try to preserve as much of the original finish as possible. Sometimes this is not viable and in these cases the entire frame can be gilded, distressed and antiqued to replicate the look of years gone by.