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Frederick W Watts

Biography of Artist


 The British landscape painter Frederick William Watts was born in 1800 in Bath, Somerset. However, he spent most of his life in Hampstead where he lived alongside John Constable, an artist who greatly influenced his work. Though he closely imitated elements of Constable‚Äôs style, he preserved his own distinctive colouring and flair and his work was exhibited in various galleries, chiefly amongst them: the Royal Academy (where he also won several silver medals), the British Institute and the Suffolk Street Gallery.

There is some uncertainty over his death as some sources say that he died in 1860 or 1862, whilst the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography states that Watts died in 1870 in his home in Hampstead, possibly of Diabetes.


Royal Academy: 76

British Institute: 108

Suffolk Street Gallery: 65

Various Exhibitions: 9

Total: 258