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Stratford-Upon-Avon by

Taylor, Ivan – Stratford-Upon-Avon

12 x 16

Oil on Board

The Cairngorms, Scotland by

Taylor, Ivan – The Cairngorms, Scotland

12 x 18

Oil on Board

The Salute, Venice by

Taylor, Ivan – The Salute, Venice

8 x 10

Oil on Board

Fetching Water by

Thom, James C – Fetching Water

16 x 23

Oil on Canvas

A Garland of Roses by

Toussaint, Fernand – A Garland of Roses

9 x 11

Oil on Panel

The Woodland Pipers by

Triquet, Jules Octave – The Woodland Pipers

68 x 44

Oil on Canvas

Crabbing by

Van Damme, Franz – Crabbing

22 x 32

Oil on Canvas

Sheep Grazing by

Van Diegham, Joseph – Sheep Grazing

7 x9

Oil on Panel


A Belgian Town Scene by

Van Engelen, Antoine Louis – A Belgian Town Scene

9 x 13

Oil on Panel


A Vase of Flowers by

Vennaman, Rosa – A Vase of Flowers

45 x 35

Oil on Canvas