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Biography of Artist

Peter Alfred GROSS


He was born on January 21st at Allentown in the USA and finished his career at Chicago.

After showing early promise Gross decided his studies would progress better in Europe, so he studied in Paris first under Yon and then Petit Jean. While in Paris he immersed himself in the French way of life and his work was clearly influenced by this time.

In 1889 he received an honourable mention for his work in the “l’Exposition Universelle” of that year.

He specialised in painting landscapes of all types and these he usually did in oils. His technique in oils possessed a crisp, textured clarity that was fresh and not overworked.

Gross, Peter Alfred

Moored Sailing Boats

19 x 26

Oil on Canvas

Price band: G (from £1500 to £3000)

Size band: B (Medium)

Subjects: River Scenes

Categories: Victorian