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Angels by a Fountain by

Bray, Phyllis – Angels by a Fountain

24 x 36"

Oil on Canvas


Reading by a Table Lamp by

Enjolras, Delphin – Reading by a Table Lamp

22 x 15


Original Antique Frame



Releasing the Butterflies by

Paupion, Edward Jerome – Releasing the Butterflies

40 x 26

Oil on Canvas

The Pose by

PLANTEY, Madelaine – The Pose

32 x 26"

Oil on Canvas

Exhibited at the Société Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts

Blowing Bubbles by

Stanis, S – Blowing Bubbles

22 x 15

Oil on Canvas

The Woodland Pipers by

Triquet, Jules Octave – The Woodland Pipers

68 x 44

Oil on Canvas

A Reclining Nude by

Voillemot, Andre Charles – A Reclining Nude

27 x 52

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas