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A Misty Morning by

Berthier, Charles – A Misty Morning

21 x 29"

Oil on Canvas




Cattle Grazing by

Binet, Georges Jules Ernest – Cattle Grazing

22 x 33"

Oil on Canvas

Cattle Grazing by a Path by

Cole, George – Cattle Grazing by a Path

18 x 27

Oil on Canvas

Watering Cattle by

Dierterle, Marie – Watering Cattle

24 x 32

Oil on Canvas

Grazing Cattle by

Groenewegen, Adrianus Johannes – Grazing Cattle

24 x 41

Oil on Canvas

Original Antique Frame

Cattle Grazing on a Summers Day by

Mellon, Campbell A – Cattle Grazing on a Summers Day

18 x 24

Oil on Canvas

Anthe Wharfe, Yorkshire by

Mellor, William – Anthe Wharfe, Yorkshire

6 x 14

Oil on Board

Sonning-on-Thames by

Parker, Henry H – Sonning-on-Thames

20 x 30

Oil on Canvas

The Journey Home by

Percy, Sidney Richard Williams – The Journey Home

10 x 14

Oil on Canvas

Cattle Watering by

Vuillefroy, Felix Dominique De – Cattle Watering

15 x 22

Oil on Canvas